Saturday, March 11, 2017

Race Recap: 2017 Swamp House Half Marathon & 5K, DeBary, FL

The 2017 Swamp House Half Marathon and 5K was a success!!!!  This was my 2nd half marathon ever and it was great. I felt good, the weather was perfect and the stars had aligned.  This great race take place in a small city of DeBary between Daytona Beach and Orlando. The scenic route takes you back to old Florida for the second part of the half marathon.  Fort Florida Road is a tree covered 3 mile stretch with cows, and even a rooster guarding the mile 9 water stop and porto potties.  I finished and felt good. Could I have been faster? Yes. Was my foot hurting? Yes. Did I die? No. LOL We were all greeted with water, bananas, and chocolate milk. 

The after party was down at the Swamp House Grill at the St. Johns River.  There was Beer, Food, Donuts, Leggings, and more!!!! Did I mention Beer? LOL

Would I do this race again? Heck yes!!!!  What if I can't make it? There is a virtual option! Talk about great bling!!!

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